Miguel Mota

Division of Exact Sciences
Department of Mathematics

Miguel Mota

Full time professor
On leave

Before becoming an associate professorship at the Department of Mathematics at ITAM, I was a postdoc first at the Kurt Gödel Research Center for Mathematical Logic at the University of Vienna, then at Fields Institute for Mathematical Sciences, (where I was awarded the Jerrold E. Marsden Postdoctoral Fellow during the Thematic Program on Forcing and its Applications) and finally at the University of Toronto. I received my Ph.D in Logic and the Foundations of Mathematics from th University of Barcelona under the supervision of David Asperó and Joan Bagaria.

The subject of my work is set theory, more precisely the study of forcing axioms and their effect on cardinal arithmetic. I currently build models of set theory where the continuum is different from the second uncountable cardinal (including models of Cantor's Continuum Hypothesis).

I am interested in infinite combinatorics, forcing, forcing axioms, cardinal arithmetic, large cardinals, set-theoretic topology, Ramsey theory as well as in some topics of model theory and recursion theory. 

Academic Studies

BS in Applied Mathematics, ITAM (ITAM)
PhD in Logic and the Foundations of Mathematics, Universitat de Barcelona, Spain


5628 4000 ext. 3814

Topics of Interest

  • Set-theoretic topology
  • Large cardinals
  • Cardinal arithmetic
  • Infinite combinatorics
  • Forcing
  • Forcing axioms
  • Mathematical logic and set theory
  • Ramsey theory

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