Raymundo Gama

Division of Social Sciences and Law
Department of Law

Raymundo Gama

Full time professor
Sabbatical leave
National Researcher (Level I)

Raymundo Gama is Associate Professor of Law at ITAM. His teaching and scholarship are in the areas of legal argumentation, evidence, legal procedure and philosophy of law. His research focuses on legal and theoretical issues pertaining to evidence procedure and legal theory.

His publications include: “The nature and the place of presumptions in legal argumentation”, Argumentation, 2017; “Presunciones en el Derecho Continental y en el Common Law. Un análisis comparadoen Debatiendo con Taruffo, Jordi Ferrer y Carmen Vázquez (coeds.), Marcial Pons, 2016, “An intellectual journey with William Twining” with Manuel Atienza, in Law’s Ethical, Global and Theoretical Contexts. Essays in Honour of William Twining, Upendra Baxi, Christopher McCrudden and Abdul Paliwala eds., Cambridge, 2015; “Presumptions and fictions. A Collingwoodian approach” in Legal Fictions in Theory and Practice, Maksymilian del Mar and William Twining (eds.), Springer, 2015.

Academic Studies

PhD in PhD, Universidad de Alicante, Spain


5628 4000 ext. 3766

Topics of Interest

  • Procedural Law
  • Legal Philosophy
  • Evidential Reasoning
  • Legal argumentation

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