Pablo Castañeda

Division of Actuarial Science, Statistics and Mathematics
Department of Mathematics

Pablo Castañeda

Full time professor
National Researcher (Level I)

The collective and the interdisciplinary are main axes that govern my life since I was just a youngster. These phenomena naturally occur when one is engaged in applied mathematics, which is the best game that mankind has achieved.

I like to say that I am American as I was born in Central America and very soon, I came to Mexico where I learned about life and death. Finally, I got my academic and social education in the course of ten years living in South America, when I belong to the "Cidade Maravilhosa", Rio de Janeiro. Now, I have come back to North America at the ITAM.

As an applied mathematician, my circumstances are quite similar. My research interests lie on partial differential equations. In particular, the theory of conservations laws, which is a subarea of nonlinear hyperbolic equations. However, in this game of the human collective, I have been interested in dynamical systems, number theory, mathematical and numerical analysis, as well as celestial mechanics and fluid dynamics and, partial differential equations. Applications to physics, chemistry and petroleum engineering are always present in my research interests, though, as the great mathematician Paul Erdos would say, "My brain is open."

Academic Studies

BA in Mathematician, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
MS in Computational Mathematics and Modelling, IMPA, Brazil
PhD in Science, IMPA, Brazil


5628 4000 ext. 3830

Topics of Interest

  • Computational Mathematics and Modelling
  • Conservation Laws
  • PDEs
  • Applied Mathematics

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