Alberto Puppo

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Alberto Puppo

Full time professor
National Researcher (Level II)

Alberto Puppo is full-time Professor and Researcher (since 2012) a ITAM Law School. He is a member of the Mexican National System of Researchers (Level II). He holds a doctorate in Analytical Philosophy and General Theory of Law from the University of Milan, and the degree in Law from the University of Genova. Since 2018 he has been the editor-en-chief of the Journal Isonomía - Revista de teoría y filosofía del derecho, and since 2015 he has coordinated, with Raymundo Gama, the Seminar of Legal Philosophy García Máynez. He is Member of SELA seminar (Yale University) (since 2016).

Before 2012 he has been a Professor in different Universities in France, where he has been qualified as Maitre de Conférence in both the Philosophy and the Public Law sections. Before serving as Professor of Theory of Law at the ITAM, for thirteen years he has been Professor of Legal Italian (University Paris X -Nanterre), Legal Theory, Constitutional Law, Administrative Law (University of Cergy-Pontoise), Law of the European Union and Methodology of the legal dissertation (Institut supérieur de préparation aux grandes écoles) and Bioethics and philosophy of medicine (Centre Epsilon).

Formed in the Genoese school, with his teachers Paolo Comanducci and Riccardo Guastini –who have pursued the heritage of Giovanni Tarello, the father of the Genoese legal realism–, he has been involved, during his Parisian stay, with the Centre de Théorie du droit (University of Paris X, formerly directed by Michel Troper), and the Centre d`Études et de recherches - Fondements du droit public (formerly directed by Genevieve Koubi) and the Centre de philosophie juridique et politique (directed by Miguel Herrera), both from the University of Cergy-Pontoise. He is currently participating in the Papiit Project (Unam-IIJ) on the Sources of International Law (coordinated by Manuel Becerra).

His publications, between 1998 and 2016, have dealt with both public law and legal theory. His most recent research in the field of the philosophy of international law has led him to question the relationship between international pacifism and the sources of Judaism. In this context, he has published in 2020 (with Dawid Bunikovski), Why Religion? Towards a Critical Philosophy of Law, Peace and God, by Springer, and Dover essere, stato mondiale e filosofia profetica della storia: appunti su Kelsen e Cohen, in the Italian Journal Ragion pratica.


Academic Studies

LLB, Universidad de Genova, Italy
PhD in Analytic Philosophy and General Theory of Law, Universidad de Milán, Italy


5628 4000 ext. 3758

Topics of Interest

  • Legal Theory
  • Hans Kelsen, Judaism, and internation peace
  • Relationship between international and domestic law

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